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We are the one stop shop for all your sterling silver jewelry. We resell silver jewelry from one of the largest factories in Thailand with quality being our policy. We specialize in reselling jewelry made of true 925 silver and all our items are nickel free. This makes even our baby jewelry good enough for the sensitive skins and considering that all items are lightweight, the kids remain comfortable when wearing even for longer periods. To keep our customers satisfied, the children’s jewelry designs are always updated; they are actually created every week, so you will find very unique pieces in stock every time you shop.

We offer a wide range of kids jewelry that includes earrings, pendants, rings and necklaces. Children are fun-filled and cheerful and this reflects in the designs and style of all silver items that we sell. You will find animal, fruit and letter themed pieces, some complete with crystals and attractive colors to keep the little ones pleased. Flower jewelry makes some of the most popular among girls and we have all kinds and colors to suit their style and preferences.

To cater to the needs of all our customers in different parts of the world, we make international shipping available. We work hand in hand with some of the top carriers including UPS and DHL. You do not need to be where we are for you to get our top quality jewelry pieces made in Thailand. Our prices are also quite low so customers can buy according to their financial abilities. Our purchase threshold is also quite low standing at as low as $99 which does not compare with other resellers. To get the most from your purchase, order bulk and enjoy our amazing wholesale prices. We have what you need for your business needs!